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Hello. I am Leonard Fein, the president of Lapidary Biomedical Communications LLC. I am an adaptable medical writer and medical communications specialist with a strong science background and knowledge of multiple therapeutic areas. Well-versed in distilling complex medical topics into crisp and understandable language, I have particular expertise in writing for both professional and lay audiences; medical research and editing; and strategic communications.

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Core Competencies

I am detail-oriented and self-motivated; adept at juggling multiple projects simultaneously, and rapidly assimilating and recapitulating large bodies of evidence-based scientific information; passionate about conveying health information simply yet accurately, in a way that engages readers and audiences. Skilled in AMA style and citation; ICMJE, ACCME, ISMPP, CSE, EASE, GPP3, COPE, HIPAA, PRISMA, CONSORT, MOOSE, SPIRIT, ICH, and GCP standards and protocols.

Recent work

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Deep Vein Thrombosis: Definition, Anatomy, and Pathophysiology

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) develops when a blood clot (thrombus) forms in a deep vein.1 Most DVT occurs in the legs, but it can also appear in the arms, as well as the mesenteric and pelvic veins.2 Lower extremity DVT is classified as either proximal or distal.3 Proximal DVT arises in the iliac, deep femoral, […]

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In Vitro Activity of Menelofloxacin, a New Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic, Against Respiratory Pathogens

The global morbidity and mortality burden of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) is substantial. In 2016, lower RTIs—the majority of which are of bacterial etiology [1]—were one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide, and one of the 3 leading global causes of death among children under 5 years [2]. They account for a greater […]

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Speech About Healthcare Innovation

We’re here today because we all understand the necessity for greater innovation in healthcare delivery, especially in the context of care for vulnerable populations. Your understanding likely stems from your day- to-day professional experience within New Jersey’s healthcare system. I imagine that it has been honed and enhanced by the work you’ve done to earn […]

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Recent BLOG

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Defanging Chemistry


One can’t judge a chemical by the company it keeps, eg, the various uses to which it’s put, or the various products in which it’s found. For example, the diaper/napalm issue. The same chemical is used in both products. Chemicals serve purposes in various products; that’s it! This functional understanding of chemicals’ presence in products […]

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